Monday, February 4, 2013

Circles, circles and more circles!

Good morning everyone!

Today, you are going to do some online activities to practice measuring angles and learning about circles.  Please follow the instructions below so that you have time to try everything.

Parts of the Circle - Watch the short two-minute video and draw your own circle on the following worksheet.  You can print it out and then draw your circle.  Be sure to send the print job to Room 129. 

Circle Vocabulary Words - Go to this website to complete the assignment on circles.  Define diameter, radius, and circumference.

You can spend the rest of class on these following websites.  There is no written work to be completed but try to spend an equal amount of time on each website.  Also, the activities get a bit harder with each one so move onto the next website when are you ready for more of a challenge.

Measuring Angles with a Protractor - Follow the instructions and measure the angles that you are given.

Measure Angles - You will need to drag and drop the protractor to measure the angles on this website.

Measuring Angles (Khan Academy) - Things get a little bit harder in this activity.  You will need to move the protractor and rotate it to line up the bottom line of the angles in order to measure them correctly.  Ask a friend if you are having trouble!

Hope you had fun in math today!

Mrs. Thorson

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