Friday, September 16, 2011

Problem Solving

Just to review, here are the steps of the problem solving process we have learned this week.  

Problem Solving
  1. Read the problem.
  2. Choose the correct operation. (add, subtract, multiply, or divide)
  3. Do the calculation. 
  4. Check your work.  (Is the answer reasonable?)
  5. Write a sentence.
Also, remember the math vocabulary we learned this week.

sum = the answer when you add
difference = the answer when you subtract
product = the answer when you multiply
quotient = the answer when you divide
reasonable =  the answer makes sense
estimate = to make a good guess

Go to the following website to practice more word problems.

Math Word Problems

Due: Monday, September 19th
Problems #11-14

Remember to write the questions down and follow the problem solving steps. 

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